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Mission Statement

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Learning and Development family is committed to progressing and developing the skills of all associates. Learning and Development is where knowledge meets our 9 Core Values and creates unique learning opportunities, which continue to support the culture and tradition of Choctaw Nation.

Our Philosophy of Learning and Development

“An education which acknowledges the full intellectual and social meaning of a vocation would include instruction in the historic background of present conditions; training in science to give intelligence and initiative in dealing with material and agencies of production; and study of economics, civics, and politics, to bring the future worker into touch with the problems of the day and the various methods proposed for its improvement. Above all, it would train power of readaptation to changing conditions so that future workers would not become blindly subject to a fate imposed upon them.”

-Excerpt from John Dewey’s Democracy in Education (1916).

Serving the Associates of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Jim Rohn once said, “if someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn’t need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around.” The Learning & Development Department believes in growing our own associates and tribal members to lead us for the next 100 years. With eight full-time instructors and trainers, the department currently teaches over 1,000 classes per year. We understand training, and we understand the need for continuing education.

We believe in learning. Learning is in many ways a better way to think of the subject because learning 'belongs' to the learner; whereas training, traditionally, 'belongs' to the trainer or the organization.

We believe training is about whole person development - not just transferring skills, the traditional interpretation of training at work.

We believe the Learning and Development department should:

· enable learning
· facilitate meaningful personal development
· help people to identify and achieve their own personal potential

adapted from

The Learning & Development Department is currently tasked with three major functions: 1) standardized trainings for all 6,000+ associates of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma; 2) special projects and customized trainings; and 3) administering Choctaw University as a vehicle for professional skill and leadership growth and assisting associates to complete their higher education. Examples of standardized trainings include New Hire Orientation, Harrassment in the Workplace, Performance Appraisal, Title 31, TiPS, etc. Special projects and customized trainings are somewhat interrelated. Key tasks of this function include conducting needs analysis, managing Developing A CurriculUM (DACUM) workshops, and other methods of qualitative and quantitative research to assist in customizing training workshops and courses specific to departments or special work groups. The third function of the department is managing Choctaw University (Choctaw U). Choctaw U operates as a corporate university in partnership with Southeastern Oklahoma State University, a regionally accredited University through the North Central Association and the Higher Learning Commission. Choctaw U/Southeastern can award up to 57 hours of undergraduate credit towards a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication with an Emphasis in Leadership. Choctaw U does award non-accredited degrees and certificates based on the level of education and training completed.