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Mission Statement

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Learning and Development family is committed to progressing and developing the skills of all associates. Learning and Development is where knowledge meets our 9 Core Values and creates unique learning opportunities, which continue to support the culture and tradition of Choctaw Nation.

Our Philosophy of Learning and Development

“An education which acknowledges the full intellectual and social meaning of a vocation would include instruction in the historic background of present conditions; training in science to give intelligence and initiative in dealing with material and agencies of production; and study of economics, civics, and politics, to bring the future worker into touch with the problems of the day and the various methods proposed for its improvement. Above all, it would train power of readaptation to changing conditions so that future workers would not become blindly subject to a fate imposed upon them.”

-Excerpt from John Dewey’s Democracy in Education (1916).

Using the careLearning eRegistrar

Your Username is the first letter of your first name, the first four letters of your last name, and the last four digits of your Kronos number or Badge number (all lowercase).

Your password is your first name (all lowercase).

Associate Joe Dozier, Kronos # (or Badge #) 125639 would use 'jdozi5639' for his ID and
the password in this case would be 'joe', or possibly 'joseph'.

1) Go https://eregistrar.choctawnation.com, or find this link:
     eRegistrar (Internal)
in any choctawnationlearning.com navigation panel.

2) Enter your Username and Password:

3) To find online courses that someone has assigned to you, click 'My Courses' on the Home menu:

Then select 'Enter Classroom' on the right menu:

Then choose the desired course and click 'Go':

A score of 80% or better is required to successfully complete most courses. Some courses will require a score of 100%. As successful completion is achieved, a green check mark appears beside the course. If this score is not achieved, you must re-take until the required score is attained. There are no limits to the number of times you may take a course.
If you have associates working under you who do not have an email address and/or computer access, you are responsible for notifying them and ensuring they are able to access careLearning.

4) To register for instructor led classes, click 'Event Calendar' on the Home menu:

Then click on the class you are interested in:

Click the 'Register' button:

At his point, you have successfully registered for an event. Please arrive before the event is scheduled to begin and bring pen and paper. Read the description of the course to see if you need to bring anything else.

5) To deregister yourself from an instructor-led class, click 'Event Calendar' on the Home menu:

Click the class you are deregistering from:

and then Click the 'Deregister' button:

At this point, you will have been removed from the class roster. Do not deregister from a class on the day of the event without contacting the Learning & Development department.