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Mission Statement

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Learning and Development family is committed to progressing and developing the skills of all associates. Learning and Development is where knowledge meets our 9 Core Values and creates unique learning opportunities, which continue to support the culture and tradition of Choctaw Nation.

Our Philosophy of Learning and Development

“An education which acknowledges the full intellectual and social meaning of a vocation would include instruction in the historic background of present conditions; training in science to give intelligence and initiative in dealing with material and agencies of production; and study of economics, civics, and politics, to bring the future worker into touch with the problems of the day and the various methods proposed for its improvement. Above all, it would train power of readaptation to changing conditions so that future workers would not become blindly subject to a fate imposed upon them.”

-Excerpt from John Dewey’s Democracy in Education (1916).

Comprehensive Course Listing

Adapting Your Leadership Style
In this training we will identify the qualities of an effective leader. We will recognize the style differences in others and understand how to cater to their preferences. We will discuss methods on how to conduct constructive one-on-ones, and how to give positive and negative feedback to others with styles different than our own. Lastly, we will develop individual motivation approaches for all types of employees.

Alcohol Awareness
The Choctaw Nation and Choctaw Casinos have made the decision to sell Alcoholic Beverages in order to remain competitive within the industry. Alcohol will be sold and served by a Third Party Vendor. We must depend upon our associates to observe and report any Guest that is showing visible signs of intoxication. This keen observation will help protect the Choctaw Nation and Choctaw Casinos.
•   To gain knowledge in recognizing signs of intoxication
•   Understand liability
•   Recognize behaviors that indicate over consumption
•   Understand the effects of alcohol
Recommended for: All associates employed under the Gaming division

Behavioral Based Interviewing
More Than a Gut Feeling III is designed to help interviewers make the right selections by using Dr. Paul C. Green's behavior-based interviewing techniques. This interviewing strategy is behavioral because of its emphasis on gaining specific examples of what a person has done in order to help predict what that person will do. Although this is a commonsense approach to interviewing, it is not necessarily easy to do. In order to use this technique well, an interviewer must go beyond first impressions, stereotypes, and personal theories about people. Then, you will be able to apply the behavioral approach and make your assessments by using 'more than a gut feeling.'
•   Recognizing Turnover Costs
•   Discovering Behavioral Examples
•   Identifying Required Job Skills
•   Questioning Techniques
•   Seeking Contrary Evidence
•   Implementing Behavior-Based Interviewing
•   Develop a structured interview.
•   Use behavior-based interviewing strategies.
Based on the More Than a Gut Feeling III video
Recommended for: Any Management role dealing with hiring associates

Bloodborne Pathogens
If you can reasonably anticipate facing contact with human blood and/or other potentially infectious materials as part of your job duties, you need to be aware of the dangers of Bloodborne Pathogens. The purpose of Bloodborne Pathogen training is to provide methodology for limiting occupational exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials. This module will provide an awareness or basic understanding of bloodborne pathogens, common modes of their transmission, personal protective equipment, personal hygiene and recognizing associate exposure to infectious materials. This knowledge will help associates prevent exposure incidents by following correct work practices.

Building Better Teams
Effective teams don't just happen. You have to learn to work together and communicate effectively to become a good team. This training helps you understand the value of working as a team while recognizing the critical role communication skills will play in building and maintaining a team atmosphere. You will explore your team player style and identify how it can be used effectively with your own team.

Business Portfolio Development
This class will help the participant be able to recognize the importance of a business portfolio, identify the part of an effective portfolio, and be able to present it in a professional manner. Certificate participants will be required to present his or her portfolio at the end of the certificate year to receive the necessary points.

Catch the Energy: Release the Potential
Shows employees how to generate the energy needed for a high- morale work environment. Highlights four main concepts: play, make their day, be there, choose your attitude. Also portrays the playful atmosphere necessary for creativity to flourish, as embodied by the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market of Seattle, Washington.

Change Management
The Change Management class you will learn why change happens in organizations and strategies to deal with change. We explore Who Moved My Cheese, Lewin's Change Management Theory, and ADKAR Theory. Whether you're a "cheesehead" or not, this class will help you cope with change and how you communicate change to associates.

Compulsive/Problem Gambling
Problem gambling is a serious issue resulting in considerable social and economic costs to gamblers, their families, employers, taxpayers and multiple institutions. The negative impact of problem gambling could be minimized if this issue were adequately addressed. The important message is that programs exist that can help problem gamblers stop gambling.
•   Annual training to understand the difference between responsible gaming and problem/pathological gambling.
•   Identify 'Signs and Symptoms' of the problem gambler.
•   Casino employees and problem gambling.
•   Identifying and helping customers that may have a problem with gambling
Recommended for: All associates employed under the Gaming division

Computer Fundamentals
Discover the essentials of working with personal computers.
•   Helps people use computers confidently.
•   Helps people looking for a job or a change of job
•   Helps working people who wish to enhance their skills
•   Course Structure
This course consists of two parts:
1.     Lecture Component (Computer Concepts)
       a.     Computer Hardware
       b.     Computer Software
       c.     File Management
       d.     The Internet
2.     Lab Component (Computer Applications)
       a.     Designed to introduce participants to Microsoft Office
       b.     Microsoft Word: documents and reports
       c.     Microsoft Excel: tables and spreadsheets
       d.     Microsoft PowerPoint: Multimedia presentations

Conflict Resolution
After participating in this class, you will better understand what conflict is and how it can escalate. You will be able to recognize the most common conflict resolution styles and when to use them. You'll also be able to increase positive information flow through non-verbal and verbal communication skills and develop effective techniques for intervention strategies.

In a perfect world, we wouldn´t have to worry with unethical behavior or harassment. Unfortunately, we don´t live in a perfect world. For that imperfection, we have Convercent. Convercent allows the associates of the Choctaw Nation to report on behavior that may violate the policies and regulations of the Choctaw Nation.

Developing a Curriculum (DACUM) is a process that incorporates the use of a focus group in a facilitated storyboarding process to capture the major duties and related tasks included in an occupation, as well as, the necessary knowledge, skills, and traits. This cost-effective method provides a quick and thorough analysis of any job.

Difficult Conversation: Performance
Sometimes talking about ones´ weaknesses can become very uncomfortable. In this training, we talk about how to have those difficult conversations. We will discuss performance management, what to do when an associate tops out on their salary, and how to use the “sandwich” approach to help ease into the tough stuff!

Difficult Guests
In this training, you will be able to identify your three most difficult guests; the Distracted Guest, the Disappointed Guest, and the Disruptive Guest. We will discuss the possible reasons they are difficult and how to communicate with them. This class includes case studies and role playing.

Documenting Discipline
Learn how to properly document disciplinary issues using the FOSA system. We will discuss the five steps to the progressive discipline process while identifying the final options for progressive discipline. We will identify and discuss policy and ethical violations and how they affect the workplace.

Effective Communication & Listening Skills
Of all the skills that may be developed, none are more important than the ability to communicate, in general, and listen, in particular. Participants will learn how to communicate effectively with co-workers in this interactive class. They will learn how to use "active" listening skills to make sure that the message sent is, in fact, equal to the message received by others.

Effective Presentation Skills
This class participants will be able to identify ways to better improve his/her public speaking through considering such things as the audience, the environment, and through visual aids. Participants will be able to have the opportunity to experience public speaking first hand by demonstrating what he or she has learning in the class!

Employee Self-Service (ESS)
Did you know that you can change your address in the system, or check your latest paystub without having to go through Human Resources? Employee Self-Service is a user-friendly software used by the Choctaw Nation to allow the associate to handle business when it is most convenient for them. This training will show the participant how to maneuver within the ESS system.

Essentials of Email and Business Writing
Do you wish you could improve your writing and communication skills? This class is designed to help you with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other flaws that may hurt your credibility. In addition, learn how to avoid many email pitfalls that cost so many people respect in the workplace.

Ethics and Confidentiality
Establishing trust is almost as essential as being able to operate a computer! In your position, you will be privy to some of the most sensitive information at the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Be the beacon - set the example of ethics and confidentiality in your workplace.

Excel Beginner
This course is designed for users with minimal spreadsheet construction experience or for experienced users that have taught themselves the long way to complete tasks. Whether you use Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 or 2013 you will leave with a better understanding of the software and how to become more efficient using keyboard shortcuts. We have identified the following goals for this course:
•   Interface
•   Terms
•   Selecting Cells
•   Editing Spreadsheets
•   Formatting Cells
•   Inserting Graphics
•   Understand “point and click” and control keys
•   Worksheet Tabs
•   Format data as a Table
•   Simple Formulas (SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX)
•   Keyboard shortcuts

Excel Intermediate
This course is an extension of our Beginning Excel classes. This course is for participants who have an intermediate understanding of spreadsheets and Excel. We have identified the following goals for this course:
•   Formulas / Formula Auditing Group
•   Functions
•   Absolute vs. Relative Cell Reference
•   Removing Duplicates
•   Comments
•   Splitting worksheets into multiple panes
•   Viewing multiple sheets or workbooks on screen at the same time

Executive Support
No man or woman is an island. Conduct your area like a well oiled machine. Learn to anticipate needs using all the tools available to you. In this training, you will be given the keys to becoming the right-hand man/woman you were meant to be.

General Office Safety
For this class, participants will learn the "do's" and "don'ts" for office safety. Participants will be introduced to staff of Choctaw Nation Office Management to learn what is and what is not considered appropriate office safety procedures.

Generation to Generation: Closing the Gap
With four different generations sharing the workplace, it may be difficult to understand one another. In this training, we will talk about each generation individually and how their work ethics have developed. Each generation has a voice, and we will discuss what each voice is requesting from their employer.

Harassment & Discrimination in the Workplace
Good management principles require managers and supervisors to know what is happening in their departments, to let their associates know they won't tolerate any harassment or discrimination, and to foster an environment in which their associates feel comfortable discussing their concerns. Managers and supervisors claiming ignorance about a problem have no excuse if they should have known about it. Managers and supervisors must take appropriate steps to prevent and correct situations involving all forms of harassment and discrimination. Many times, these situations will require the involvement of human resources or other management.
Managers or supervisors who fail to adequately prevent and correct workplace harassment or discrimination will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Any manager or supervisor who uses or attempts to use his or her authority to engage in workplace harassment or discrimination will be severely disciplined or terminated from the company.
•   Increase your awareness of harassment and discrimination
•   Increase your understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment
•   Advise you of your responsibilities in this area
•   Let you know the proper procedures to follow
Recommended for: All associates employed under the Gaming division-annual certification

Harassment in the Workplace
Harassment causes organizations to lose good associates every year. Any form of illegal discrimination or harassment by an associate at any level, constitutes misconduct that undermines the integrity of the employment relationship and the dignity of the individual or individuals at whom the actions are directed. Addressing and preventing harassment is an important step in creating a positive and respectful workplace where illegal and inappropriate situations do not occur.

Introduction to Leadership
Are leadership and management the same thing? In this training we will discuss the difference. We will define traits of a great leader using Williams´ Seven Traits of Great Leaders. We will talk about a communication model, and understand how that is essential to being a good leader.

Are you a timekeeper? Want to know how to add a punch, or adjust or remove approved leave for an associate timecard? This training can do just that. This hands-on training allows you to work in a test environment, with the trainer, to walk through some of the functions of a Choctaw Nation Timekeeper.

Leadership 101
In this training we will define leadership. We will identify key characteristics of a good leader. We will identify ways to build trust and confidence with employees. We will take a self-assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses within each participant.

Leading with Heart
As a Choctaw associate, we need to be servants at heart. This course will help identify ways to do so. This class will help recognize the differences between passion and compassion. We will define leading with heart while describing elements of leading with heart. We will identify the benefits of utilizing compassion as a leadership tool, while discussing methods for cultivating compassion.

Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good Associates to Stay
Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good Associates to Stay, provides you with the tools to teach managers/supervisors about the A-Z approach of retaining good associates. Your participants will leave with the knowledge and ability to become the kind of managers/supervisors who retain valuable associates.
The program is designed to increase the awareness of the important role that managers/ supervisors play in retaining their star associates. Associate retention skills are essential for the ultimate success of your organization. These important skills can reduce company recruiting expenditures by keeping valuable associates on staff. The associate retention skills learned in this program will lead to greater associate job satisfaction, which will greatly enhance company productivity. The program depicts typical manager/associate situations. After the program, participants will have a better understanding of why good associates leave, why they stay, and what they can do to keep their best associates.
•   Describe the costs of losing valuable associates
•   List the top factors for staying with an employer
•   Describe the importance of supporting an associate's growth
•   Identify ways to get good people to stay on the job
•   Based on the book: Love 'Em or Lose 'Em by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans
Recommended for: Upper Management, Middle Management and Supervisors

Make an Appearance: Dress to Impress
In this training, we will discuss what clothes and styles fit which body types. We will talk about what is and is not appropriate for the workplace and the clothing policies of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. We will talk about buying on a budget and give you ideas to consider when purchasing clothes for work.

Management 101
What are the qualities of a good manager? What about a poor manager? We will discuss the difference between the two while identifying core traits of a manager. We will discuss delegation and other ways to alleviate stress in the workplace.

Management in Motion
This class will focus on the participants skills as a manager. Participant will be able to recognize different management styles, and the core traits of a manager, while discussing how it could apply throughout the year.

Managing Chaos
How do you handle chaos in the ever-changing workplace? We will discuss where chaos comes from, ways to handle it, and ways to avoid it happening.

Managing the Front Desk
In this training, we will list ways to handle your all-important role as a gatekeeper. We will explain how to put visitors at ease, name eight ways to handle difficult people, and how to remain calm when everything around you is not.

Minding your Manners: Proper Office Etiquette
As a full time associate, we spend as much time with our office "family" as we do our actual families at home. As with any family, conflict is bound to arise. In this comprehensive training, you will be given tools to deal with stressful situations and communicate effectively. You will also be given tips for leaving work "at work".

Negativity & You
When negativity spreads unchecked in the workplace, morale plummets, motivation vanishes, productivity slows, and everyone is miserable! Learn effective techniques for addressing negativity. Reduce your stress level and banish negativity. Gain new skills in a useful and productive manner.

NHO - Casinos
Choctaw Casinos conducts New Hire Orientation on a regular basis. For more information about Casino New Hire Orientation, please contact your Human Resources department.

The Choctaw Housing Authority New Hire Orientation is a condensed version of the Government New Hire Orientation. During this meeting, associates will learn CNO policy and procedures, hear about CNO insurance and benefits, pay periods, and other topics that are relevant to working at Choctaw Housing Authority.

Choctaw Nation Health Services Authority conducts New Hire Orientation on a weekly basis. For more information about Healthcare New Hire Orientation, please contact your Human Resources department.

NHO - Government
New Hire Orientation for the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Government is conducted on a monthly basis for any associate not working within the Choctaw Casinos or Choctaw Travel Plazas. In the New Hire Orientation, associates learn CNO policy and procedure, hear various guest speakers, and experience Choctaw culture and heritage. This two-day process helps familiarize new associates with the culture of the Choctaw Nation. Guest speakers generally include the Insurance and Benefits Department, Safety Department, Guest Services, and the Career Development Department. The orientation culminates with a presentation of our rich heritage and culture by tribal storytellers, dancers, and first generation language speakers.

NHO - Travel Plazas
The Travel Plaza New Hire Orientation is a condensed version of the Government New Hire Orientation. During this meeting, associates will learn CNO policy and procedures, hear about CNO insurance and benefits, pay periods, and other topics that are relevant to working at Choctaw Travel Plazas.

This course is designed for any person with a basic understanding of email who needs to use Microsoft® Office Outlook to compose and send email, schedule appointments and meetings, manage contact information and tasks.

Performance Appraisal
Yearly Performance Review training
This training will explain the benefit for both the manager and also the associate in regard to the Performance Appraisal process. We will talk about how to prepare and execute the Performance Appraisal as well as explain how an appraisal of the associate's performance should be a quarterly activity rather than an annual event.
•   Understand and practice the delivery process to the associate
•   Describe new adjustments to the performance review process
•   Online performance appraisal forms and system Classes for 2013:
•   How to Conduct an Effective Review and Handle Difficult Performance Conversations - New for 2013
•   How to Establish and Monitor Smart Goals
•   Learning How to Use the Online Appraisal System
Recommended for: Upper Management, Middle Management and Supervisors

Performance Management
Handling performance problems and disciplining associates are major parts of every manager's/supervisor's job. Today's class will help to answer many questions managers/supervisors have about handling performance problems with their associates and documenting the progressive discipline process.
•   Describe the elements and purpose of FOSA
•   Follow FOSA when addressing a problem or concern
•   Establish the purpose of an oral warning
•   Differentiate between a written warning and an oral warning
•   List the final options in progressive discipline
•   Describe how to issue a final warning
Recommended for: Upper Management, Middle Management and Supervisors

Playing Well with Others
In this training, we will discuss the different kinds of personalities and how to effectively work well together. It will involve a personality test as well as a group activity to illustrate how different kinds of people can work constructively together.

Power Point
This course is for users who wish to enhance their presentations with advanced features. Topics include: adding animation and special effects to a presentation, designing custom animation. We have identified the following goals for this course
•   Create a presentation with a Template
•   Build a presentation from a Blank Canvas.
•   Choose different Views.
•   Add / Edit slide text and objects.
•   Adjust the Font Size / Color, Alignment of text on slides.
•   Define a Theme for the presentation.
•   Add / Adjust Slide Layouts.
•   Add Clipart / Charts / Tables.
•   Reorganize Slides.
•   Add / Delete Slides.
•   Add Slide Transitions.
•   Arrange a Slide Show.
•   Run a Slide Show.
•   Create a Custom Show

Problem and Compulsive Gambling
•   Annual training to understand the difference between responsible gaming and problem/pathological gambling.
•   Identify 'Signs and Symptoms' of the problem gambler.
•   Casino employees and problem gambling.
•   Identifying and helping customers that may have a problem with gambling
Recommended for: All associates employed under the Gaming division

Problem Solving & Decision-Making
The objective to this training is to increase your awareness of problem solving steps and provide some problem solving tools. We will distinguish root causes from symptoms to identify the right solution for the right problem. We will discuss ways to think imaginatively and work towards creative solutions as well as discuss the top ten rules of good decision-making.

Retail 101
•   Basics of the Sales Process
•   Role Play Exercise
•   Guest Satisfaction
•   Loss Prevention
•   10 Common Retail Mistakes
•   Top Retail Associates Characteristics
Recommended for: Any associate in the retail stores

Safety - Emergency Response
Routine work can dull alertness and a relaxed attitude can replace the caution that existed when a job was new and interesting. Without some periodic reawakening to the ever-present hazards, lethargy deepens and the odds of an accident occurring can increase. Workers may not always recognize the importance of safety training or may think of it as unnecessary because they've "been doing it for years." But an important benefit of periodic safety training is the reminder that a particular danger can still exist and that no one is immune to accidents. It is important for workers to understand why the training will be useful to them, and what can result from not following safety rules and procedures.

A goal is defined as "the result or achievement toward which effort is directed". When setting goals for either ourselves or our associates, we want to ensure they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. This training will not only teach you what SMART Goals are but also how to create them.

Supervisor Communications Skills
In this training, we will discuss the importance of good communication among supervisors and their associates. We will identify ways to confront problem behaviors successfully, while creating equality compromises with associates and their peers. We will learn to manage conflict so that it achieves productive outcomes, while identifying ways to deal with difficult people.

Team Building
This super interactive team building training identifies what an effective team looks like, explores your team player style and how it can be used effectively within your own team. We look at the different level in which a team can be, and how to move them comfortably from one level to the next.

Telephone & Email Etiquette
Frequently a customer's first and only impression of the Choctaw Nation is over the telephone or through email correspondence. Greet and conduct business conversations in a professional, warm, friendly manner and set the tone for outstanding telephone etiquette within your department. DID YOU KNOW TYPING IN ALL CAPITALS VIA EMAIL IS CONSIDERED YELLING? Learn how to handle the jokes, religion, politics, and gossips in your inbox. What to know before hitting 'send'.

Time Management
You're juggling a million projects, deadlines, and demands - and every one of them is screaming for your attention. The good news about having too much to do is people trust your ability. The not-so-good news is that it's stressful and very difficult to stay on top of it all, but there are ways to managing even the most demanding schedule without running yourself into the ground or disappointing others.

The TiPS program goal is to empower participants to follow acceptable standards of practice for working in an establishment that serves alcohol.
•   Understanding liability
•   Understand the effects of alcohol
•   Recognize behaviors that indicate over consumption
•   Influence aspects of drinking behavior to encourage responsible drinking
•   Help create and sustain a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for guests
Presented by Health Communications Inc.
Recommended for: Upper Management, Middle Management and Supervisors. Bi-yearly certification

VTC is one of the world's leading producers of online computer and software training, supplying individuals, businesses, education providers, and non-profit organizations with instant access to richly diverse courses of informative and inspiring tutorials. Created on the idea that anyone should have the ability to learn to use computer software on their own time, VTC has produced tens of thousands of hours of extraordinarily valuable, insightful, and easy to follow tutorials and delivers them worldwide for a fraction of the cost of other training methods. Our training authors are some of the most accomplished in their respective fields. With headquarters in Virginia, VTC has offices worldwide to serve you, but more importantly, the tutorials that could make the difference in your new job, promotion, or school advancement are always available.
Recommended for: Any associate

What Customers Really Want - Part 1
Explore the concepts and benefits of exceptional guest service. Learn to set exceptional service standards for your area and how to identify ways of building customer rapport. We will also talk about ways to improve your listening skills.

What Customers Really Want - Part 2
This second portion of What Customers Really Want Part 1 discusses ways to say “no” in a positive way, ways to remain calm when the customer isn´t, and how to cool down a heated customer. We will look at the principles of exceptional customer service.

What is your Communication Style?
Do you have a passive, aggressive, or assertive communication style? Learn what your natural communication style might be, and how to be more assertive in your communication. Learn how to ask directly for what you need without being aggressive.

Women in Leadership
In this training, we will discuss some of the challenges women face as they peruse leadership positions in the workplace. We will assess some of the limitations women tend to place on themselves, identifying ways to build skills to enhance your development as a leader. We will discuss how women have been natural leadership within the Choctaw Nation culture and how they used their natural strengths to build and maintain strong families and teams.

Word Beginner
This course details the fundamental features of Microsoft Word. Participants will learn the basic concepts required to produce common business documents. This course is an introduction to the capabilities of Word. We have identified the following goals for this course
•   Opening / Closing the WORD application
•   Templates
•   Add text to a Word document
•   Formatting Marks
•   Word Wrap
•   Identify Spelling Errors and correct them
•   Selecting different parts of a document
•   Define Formatting for Text and Paragraphs
•   Choose the Undo / Redo Commands
•   Define Theme Colors
•   Add pictures to Word documents
•   Define Formatting for Pictures
•   Add a Page Border
•   Adjust Document Properties
•   Viewing Page(s)
•   Print a document

Word Intermediate
Learn more of the essential features of Microsoft Word. Participants will learn advanced concepts required to produce business documents. This course builds on the topics covered in the Word Beginner course. We have identified the following goals for this course.
•   Adjust Margins
•   Adjust Text Wrapping
•   Add and Format a Clip Art Image
•   Add a Border
•   Add / Clear Formatting
•   Convert a hyperlink to regular text
•   Create new files from existing files
•   Add a Quick Style
•   Add the Date
•   Construct Building Blocks
•   Tab Stops
•   Add a Word Table
•   Adjust the Word Table
•   Comparing Documents
•   Track Changes
•   Comments

Working with you is Killing Me!
Have you ever worked with someone who you thought for sure was hired to make your days at work miserable? This training helps us recognize the symptoms of a negative workplace, and how we each play a role in these situations. We will learn how to set boundaries and control your reactions to co-workers who cross those boundaries. We will learn how to “unhook” from difficult interpersonal situations at work.

Workplace Motivation
Is it possible to motivate others? How can I effectively motivate my staff? Workplace Motivation inspires supervisors, managers, and directors on how to effectively motivate his or her staff. We will discuss the importance of workplace motivation; identify different motivational needs while discussing various ways to motivate those they work with!