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Mission Statement

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Learning and Development family is committed to progressing and developing the skills of all associates. Learning and Development is where knowledge meets our 9 Core Values and creates unique learning opportunities, which continue to support the culture and tradition of Choctaw Nation.

Our Philosophy of Learning and Development

“An education which acknowledges the full intellectual and social meaning of a vocation would include instruction in the historic background of present conditions; training in science to give intelligence and initiative in dealing with material and agencies of production; and study of economics, civics, and politics, to bring the future worker into touch with the problems of the day and the various methods proposed for its improvement. Above all, it would train power of readaptation to changing conditions so that future workers would not become blindly subject to a fate imposed upon them.”

-Excerpt from John Dewey’s Democracy in Education (1916).

Online Training Request Form

Use this form to request training for associates working under you. Please fill in all blanks before clicking the 'submit' button. You will be contacted by a Learning & Development Associate to further refine the requirements of the training you request.

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