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Welcome to the Leadership Institute!

The Choctaw Leadership Institute is a collection of leadership and professional development programs of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Our purpose, as a part of the Learning and Development Department, is to develop leaders equipped to identify and adapt to the changing demands and future needs of the Choctaw Nation. We take a holistic approach to learning that results in value-added performance and personal fulfillment.

In response to the changing needs of Choctaw Nation, the Leadership Institute was developed to transition to a learner-centered approach, allowing for greater autonomy in course selection and timing. These new programs allow associates to obtain relevant knowledge in a shorter commitment of time, while focusing on the development of workplace skills, behaviors, and competencies. Past programs, such as Supervisor’s Academy, Management Training Series, and Choctaw University Leadership and Continuing Education series, are now combined and redesigned to stimulate collaboration and reduce duplication of content.

Our new programs offer learning opportunities in a workshop format. 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day workshops can be combined to complete a learning program, taken as needed to meet development goals, or combined to create a custom training plan to fit learner’s needs.

Leadership Development Programs - Toksalechi Program

This program is a 3-day workshop designed for those responsible for the supervision of others. Candidates for this program are new supervisors, managers who have not participated in supervisory training, anyone looking to refresh supervisory skills, and those poised to move into such roles, as approved by their director.

Toksalechi Program Outcomes

  • Describe role of supervisor
  • Identify leadership styles/theories
  • Create effective team environment
  • Develop associates through coaching and corrective action
  • Demonstrate giving and receiving feedback
  • Practice conflict resolution

Leadership Development Programs - Apesanchi Program

This program is a 3-day workshop designed for new and experienced managers. Candidates for this program are responsible for managing team performance, budgets, and projects. They should also have a role in decision-making, problem-solving, and managing team dynamics. Non-managers poised to move into such roles can attend, as approved by their director.

Apesanchi Program Outcomes

  • Practice problem-solving scenarios
  • Practice ethical decision-making
  • Examine multiple methods of handling conflict
  • Practice managing budgeting scenarios
  • Practice basic project management skills
  • Define spheres of influence
  • Practice effective communication utilizing knowledge of personality differences
  • Practice delegation to empower associates

Leadership Development Programs - Atohnochi Program

This program is a series of 2-day workshops designed to build leadership competencies at the senior manager level and above within the tribe. Candidates for this program are currently leading other managers and providing strategy and vision for teams, or are poised to move into such roles, as approved by their director. Throughout the year, the following workshops will be offered in locations across the 10 ½ counties.

  • Visionary Leadership
    • Employ Kouzes and Posner’s Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
    • Examine Intangible Leadership Elements Model, including vision, values, mission, and purpose
  • Cultural Consciousness
    • Create a dynamic team environment
    • Describe the role of sovereignty in various aspects of tribal operations
    • Connect historical Choctaw leadership and modern practice of servant leadership
  • Empowering Others
    • Define and apply three components of employee engagement
    • Develop the confidence and competence of others using Ken Blanchard's Situational Leadership Model
    • Identify individual strengths in others and leverage for outcomes
  • Thinking Strategically
    • Explore systems thinking to analyze and improve processes and situations
    • Practice Hoshin Kanri planning
    • Develop succession plan
    • Practice strategic planning/positioning
  • Change & Transformation
    • Develop flexibility
    • Articulate benefits/return on investment to justify decision-making
    • Practice proactive strategy for dealing with the unknown
  • Critical Thinking
    • Practice creativity and resourcefulness
    • Apply data in decision-making scenarios

Professional Development Programs - Administrative Professional Program

This program exists to prepare, inform, and educate the support staff of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma to ensure they have the tools and skills needed to serve the internal and external guests of organization. A series of 2-day workshops will be offered throughout the year to focus on specific elements of office management and technology.

  • Administrative Professional: Basics of Office Management
    • Develop an understanding of professional office etiquette
    • Explore techniques for creating and managing office organization
    • Identify effective systems for document, task, and process management
  • Administrative Professional: Advanced Office Management
    • Identify ways to effectively communicate with others with diverse backgrounds and experience
    • Explore opportunities to serve others well as a representation of the Choctaw Nation
  • Administrative Professional: Systems Information
    • Develop an understanding of frequented systems used by office staff such as Kronos, JDE, and Outlook

Professional Development Programs - Business Acumen Program

This program explores all aspects of business and its implications within the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Participants learn about various business topics, network with subject matter experts from the tribe, and build tribal business acumen. A series of 2-day workshops will be offered to develop specific competencies, skills, and behaviors.

  • Business Acumen: Business Dynamics
    • Explore the dynamic of business from past and present perspectives
    • Describe various business environments and how they impact business
    • Apply basic economics and accounting to understand a dynamic of business
  • Business Acumen: Business Design
    • Define the marketing mix
    • Explore the importance of a strategic marketing plan
    • Illustrate entrepreneurial thinking in the workplace
  • Business Acumen: Tribal & HR Law
    • Develop comprehensive knowledge of laws that impact business operations of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
    • Explain roles of local, state, federal, and tribal governments
    • Identify legislation that regulates employments conditions

Professional Development Programs - Self-Development Program

This program exists to help associates develop and strengthen skills that contribute and crossover into both their personal and professional lives. A series of 2-day workshops will be offered throughout the year to focus on specific competencies, skills, and behaviors.

  • Self-Development: Self-Management
    • Develop skills that will aid in managing emotions, attitude, and habits
    • Identify ways to communicate with others when emotions are high and drama is present
  • Self-Development: Professional Progression
    • Create tools such as a resume, portfolio, and goals to further a career path
    • Identify way to manage a personal budget
  • Self-Development: Representing the Organization
    • Analyze ways people communicate throughout the organization including verbal and nonverbal cues
    • Develop effective time management skills

Professional Development Programs - Business Writing Program

This program is designed to develop writing and research skills. A series of 1-day workshops will be offered throughout the year to focus on improving grammar and writing skills, writing and documentation for organizations, and developing research abilities.

  • Business Writing: Learn to Write Good (Well)
    • Identify appropriate uses of informal and formal writing
    • Identify punctuation and capitalization rules
    • Demonstrate editing skills
  • Business Writing: Writing for the Business World
    • Identify appropriate audience, purpose, and tone for writing situations
    • Create formal emails, memos, and letters
    • Create newsletters and flyers for the workplace
    • Use appropriate writing etiquette on social media
  • Business Writing: Research for Writing
    • Write in a informative or persuasive writing style
    • Identify reliable research sources
    • Create a professional resume and cover letter
    • Locate sources for writing grants and proposals

Professional Development Programs - Presentation Skills Program

This program is designed to improve public speaking and presentation design skills. A series of 1-day workshops will be offered throughout the year to focus on constructing presentations, practicing public speaking, and enhancing presentations with multi-media and visual aids.

  • Presentation Skills: Basics of Public Speaking
    • Illustrate basic speaking principles
    • Construct speeches
    • Use basic speaking principles to deliver speeches
  • Presentation Skills: Presenting with PowerPoint
    • Evaluate peers to give constructive feedback
    • Illustrate basic PowerPoint usage
    • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation
    • Demonstrate PowerPoint presentation
    • Evaluate peers to give constructive feedback
  • Presentation Skills: Presenting Beyond PowerPoint
    • Apply multi-media to a PowerPoint
    • Demonstrate PowerPoint presentation
    • Evaluate peers to give constructive feedback

For more information, please contact leadershipinstitute@choctawnation.com or check us out on Facebook!